Trade & Sell


Trade or Sell Your Unwanted Jewelry

We all like to think that our purchases will remain in style forever, but trends come and go. Bring in your heavy rope chain or diamond encrusted pin for an evaluation of its value. Once we determine the value you either have the choice to sell us your piece or opt for the trade value towards a new piece in our showroom.
If you’re wondering where to sell jewelry for a fair price, consider Galicia Fine Jewelers. We can provide you with an accurate evaluation and discuss how much we are willing to pay should you choose to sell or trade your jewelry. We will also work with you to see if that piece that you want to sell may be better or repurposed in a different way.

Sell Diamond Jewelry

When it comes to selling diamond jewelry, you should have the confidence that comes with knowing you are dealing with a reputable and respected fine jeweler. Our in-house experts know how to properly inspect diamonds so you can rest assured you are getting the best price when it’s time for you to sell your diamond jewelry.

Sell Gold Jewelry and Gemstone Jewelry

Here at Galicia, we provide a gemological analysis of the jewelry you are looking to sell. Our experts will give your jewelry the attention it deserves and treat you with the utmost respect.

Trade Your Jewelry

Your old jewelry might be worth more if you choose to trade it toward the purchase of new jewelry at our Scottsdale showroom.
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