Custom Jewelry Scottsdale


Build your own dream jewelry with us.
We will help turn your idea into reality.




It starts with your idea.
We review your concept.



We render your idea
into a realistic design.



We create a model for you
try on and get a feel of your
jewelry in the making.



Your custom jewelry is finished into
the right metal with the right stones.
The jewelry of your dream is ready!

Custom Designed Jewelry in Scottsdale

When you have a jeweler you can trust, you know that they understand how personal and how intimate your jewelry truly is. It is a treasured family heirloom. It is a symbol of your relationship with someone you love. You want that symbol to mean something special, and you probably have an idea of what you want, you just have not found it yet.

At Galicia Fine Jewelers, we recognize how important your jewelry is to you. We get what an investment you are making when you buy something special. We also understand that you might want that investment to turn out exactly the way you had in your head, not how some distant, corporate designer saw it. You might just want to design your own jewelry.

That is why you should consider doing a complete custom design with us. Come in and sit down for a no obligation appointment with one of our professional designers. They have a vast knowledge of options and techniques to get your piece fashioned exactly to your specifications. Our designers know how to refine your vision and turn it into a piece that will last several lifetimes.

Our designers know the stones you need

They understand the properties of you metal you choose and how best to fabricate it into the piece of your dreams. They are masters of their craft with decades in the jewelry making and design industries. Their only limits are what fashioned metal can do and your budget, which we are happy to work within. Our custom designs come in a range of prices, and we can make adjustments to fit the needs of your wallet.

Jewelry should reflect your individuality and your personality. That is why a custom design appointment with Galicia Fine Jewelers is such a great way to design your own jewelry. We have the talent, the tools, and the artistic chops to put together your vision and make it something real.

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