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  1. SKU 179_SolidPlateAndShapeNecklace
    Galicia Custom 14k Yellow Gold Solid Plate And  Diamond Shape Necklace
  2. SKU 178_NecklaceWithPaveShapes
    Galicia Custom Two Tone Necklace With Pave Diamond Shapes
  3. SKU 177_DiamondHeartWithSeedPearls
    Galicia Custom 14k Yellow Gold Diamond Heart With Seed Pearls Necklace
  4. SKU 175_BlueDiamondBeadNecklace
    Galicia Custom 18k Yellow Gold Blue Diamond Bead Necklace
  5. SKU 171_MultiShapedNecklace
    Galicia Custom 14k White Gold Multi Shaped Necklace
  6. SKU 170_TwoToneNeckace
    Galicia Custom Two Tone Neckace With Assorted Shapes
  7. SKU 168_TanzaniteAndDiamondNecklace
    Galicia Custom 14k White Gold  Tanzanite And Diamond Necklace

Diamond Necklaces and Pendants in Scottsdale, AZ

Find the perfect diamond necklaces and pendants to gift yourself or a loved one at Galicia Fine Jewelers. Our exclusive custom pieces are made with care and feature stunning one of a kind designs that incorporate jewelry metals like yellow and white gold, different shaped diamonds like pave and rose cut, and colorful gemstones such as sapphire. Our high quality diamond necklaces and pendants are designed to make their wearers feel confident and stylish.

As a locally owned and operated jeweler, we have the expertise to offer our customers the best possible jewelry buying experience. Our Scottsdale, Arizona showroom is the premier destination for diamond necklaces and pendants that give their wearers a sense of empowerment and above all, joy. Stop by Galicia Fine Jewelers today to see these unique pieces in person.

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