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  1. SKU 174_BezelEarrings
    Galicia Custom 18k Yellow Gold Bezel Earrings
  2. SKU 151_OvalShapedShakerEarrings
    Galicia Custom 18k Rose Gold Oval Shaped Shaker Earrings
  3. SKU 148_MosaicDiamondDiskEarrings
    Galicia Custom 18k White Gold  Mosaic Diamond Disk Earrings
  4. SKU 131_DiamondForwardFacingHoops
    Galicia Custom 14k Yellow Gold  Diamond Earrings
  5. SKU 101_DiamondSticksWithDrilledDiamondEarrings
    Galicia Custom 14k White Gold Diamond Sticks With Drilled Diamond Dangle Earrings

Diamond Earrings in Scottsdale AZ

For the best selection of diamond earrings in Scottsdale, AZ, visit Galicia Fine Jewelers. We have earrings that can suit any style and taste, from simple and modern studs to ornate and traditional hoop earrings. Choose between pieces with different gemstones and diamonds, and ones that are made with various jewelry metals. With our commitment to high quality, you can rest easy knowing that your earrings will be beautiful beyond the day you bought them. Our customer service is impeccable and the Galicia staff works to provide a premier jewelry buying experience. We carry quality luxury brands like Diadori and Roberto Demeglio as well as our own exclusive Galicia Custom collection. Make yourself or a loved one feel special with chic diamond earrings from Galicia. Visit our Scottsdale showroom today!

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