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Straight Engagement Rings in Scottsdale, AZ

When one thinks of a classic engagement ring, they often have the image of a straight-set in mind. Characterized by a simplicity that honors the focus being on the center stone without added ornamentation, it is usually paired with the similarly minded solitaire cut.

Because of its strong place in jewelry history, it is also a ring-type that is very much prone to personalization. While they still maintain the softness to be classified as a straight engagement ring, below are rings that give the classic a little bit of a contemporary twist.

Since 1999, Beverley K and owner Marrie Knopp have been devoted to providing the highest level of craftsmanship and design in every piece they create. This White Gold Semi-Mount Engagement Ring is one such example of the meticulousness they put into their designs.

Sold as a semi-mount, the full reign is given to you when choosing a cut or carat weight to be the center focal piece of the band, held together by four classic prongs. On both sides of the shank, gorgeous filigree beading lines and defines the curved and indented edges. In the middle of the shank, a baguette and round cut diamond are vertically stacked, themselves also shaped by white gold beading.

Though featuring high ornamentation and more diamonds than solely the center stone, Beverley K uses the size and softness of the band diamonds to their advantage, as it will not compete with the focus put on the center stone and the glamour it will present.

A contemporary Israeli jewelry designer, Nelly Cohen of Diadori uses her literature degree and her love for poetry to create a story with every one of her designs. With this 18k White Gold Engagement Ring, the blossom of a romantic beginning is the story to be told. Four long and pronounced prongs hold up a center stone in the regal cathedral setting, framing it to be the highlight it deserves to be.

As the thin and pave diamond-studded shank rounds its way up the band, both sides curve and form an outward-facing loop. The final piece elegantly presents itself as a freshly bloomed rose, with the curved loops acting as the sepal protruding and putting the focus on the delicate flower.

The prongs evoke the feeling of the outer petals holding together the beauty of the many layers inside, represented by the center stone. To complete the extravagance, a necklace shaped cluster of pave diamonds connect the two shanks, further highlighting the diamond of your choosing.

For perhaps a more delicate approach, we have another equally stunning 18k White Gold Engagement Ring by Diadori. As the thin band wraps itself around your finger, it seems to briefly narrow inwards before widening ever so slightly.

At the endpoints, the band seamlessly turns diamond studded as it reaches the elegant and horizontal emerald cut diamond. The final product gives off a remarkable airiness, giving off the appearance that the band is shooting out diamond cobwebs that hold the center diamond in place.

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