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Split Shank Engagement Rings in Scottsdale, AZ

Engagement Rings are meant to represent the person who adorns them. They’re there to reflect your style, your personality, your marriage. You’re going to be wearing them for the rest of your life, so why not choose one that you think best showcases who you are.

That’s also what Nelly Cohen of Diadori Jewelry believes, too. After graduating from a degree in French Literature in Israel, Cohen decided to pursue a career in jewelry design and imagines every piece as a poem before she designs them. Once the words come to her, she knows that the piece is ready to construct and forms her rings to reflect the storyteller that she is.

At Galicia Fine Jewelers, we carry a number of Split Shank Engagement Rings by Diadori. Characterized by free-flowing bands that split into two, three or four entities, they usually merge at the center stone to create a one of a kind look.

In this 18k White Gold Pave Split Shank Diamond Engagement Ring, the band encircles the finger and splits halfway up into two strands on both sides. Studded with diamonds, the dramatic space between the two strands creates a claw-like look as they hold up the center stone.

At the four points of contact with the stone are white gold hearts that hold the diamond together in an almost tension like setting. A mixture of bold and delicate, this playful adaptation shows the incredible engineering that goes into her pieces.

In a similar fashion, this split-shank ring divides at a different point and creates an entirely different look than the one prior. As the diamonds on the band are studded into two rows, they split into two at the near approach of the center stone, only offering a tiny slither of negative space in between.

With right angle prongs holding the princess cut diamond, the look is very sleek and straightforward while still maintaining the uniqueness of a split shank.

While the split of the bands is the marker of a split shank ring, sometimes it is the convergence of these strands that is the main focus. In Diadori’s Six Prong Split Shank ring, the shape of the piece is entirely different from the aforementioned.

As the shanks split in the middle into both sides of the finger, the two parts curve outward and then quickly move inward and merge at the center stone as one entity, leaving a delicate oval of negative space on both sides. When looking straight on at the six-prong center stone, it almost appears as if it’s floating, as the diamond-studded point of convergence is that thin on both sides.

Similarly, the ring appears to highlight the center stone as the sparkling middle of a bowtie, with both sides delicately flaring outwards.

Sometimes, the experimentation done in split shank rings almost purposefully creates a shape, like this 18k White Gold Ring that evokes a tiara. Instead of two threads, this ring splits into three diamond-studded shanks. As the middle strand runs straight through the center stone, the top and bottom strand almost frame the center stone by curving outward and around it, continuing uninterrupted the entire way.

The final product consists of an almost rounded point on the outer two strands whose regality is definitely fit for a queen.

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