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Engagement rings kindle a sense of eternal love in many cultures and religions. The ceremonies in which we exchange our vows vary enormously, and still, most of them pay ode to century-old traditions passed on from our parents and grandparents and so on.

Halo engagement rings can be absolute favorites for those who preserve and hold formal traditions dear.

Elegant and with a classic air, this ring style differs in designs, widths, and sizes while maintaining the pattern of a halo of diamonds circling a center stone.

They are stunning and never come out of fashion, hence a reliable choice to carry through the course of your life. Classic and graceful, they evoke a handed-down legacy feel due to their consistency and agreeable form.

There is a significant amount of crafting involved in the many minuscule diamond settings of a halo engagement ring. In the end, their numbers confer the ring a solid and considerable impression sidewise.

Halo rings are sought after by connoisseurs of unusual accessories and they can be veritably suitable for weddings in a traditional church.

Halo engagement rings are intricate because of their patterns and inlays. They pay tribute to beauty with diamonds or precious stones in patterns of noble metal.

Galicia jewelers bring durable jewelry usually coated with rhodium-plated to keep the product from tarnishing. Come to us for the perfect size and style.

Halo engagement rings pave the way to the snowy white dress and veil. The ring is an indispensable attribute of wedding preparations, they are the beginning of a ritual, and the first notion of destinies forever linked and the promise of a life together.

Therefore, it is the symbol of eternity, due to its closed form, which perfectly serves as a sign of devotion. Engagement rings are visible to everyone around signaling: this person is taken, loved, seen, and they have already met their destiny.

As for gold, it is also not chosen by chance. Since ancient times, gold has symbolized purity and integrity. In many cultures and religions, the golden ring indicates the groom's willingness to provide for the future wife. We have devoted a whole section of Galicia’s website to halo engagement rings for every taste.

Diadori adorns a halo engagement ring in white and rose gold beneath angelical pink diamonds, the contrasting tones delineate the center stone perimeter to perfection.

If one favors the split-shank style, Diadori’s white gold split-shank halo engagement ring works in perfect harmony with a princess cut setting to showcase the evolution of the style. Beverley K’s alluring design features sapphires in the most disarming round halo.

Diadori revives nature in an exquisite halo shaped into a flower in 18k white gold.

Celebrate and enjoy engagement rings in enchanting shapes. Keep in mind, if you are still adherents of traditions, you can always opt for classic halo rings of suitable size and thickness. The choice in this is based solely on your taste and preferences.

The main criterion for choosing halo engagement rings is your desire to wear them for the rest of your life (even if later comes your wedding ring).

The proposal does not only make for a solemn day, the exchange of rings is not just a custom, it is something more, bearing special significance for each couple.

Engagement rings then become the first link in a long chain of joyful events of happy family life.
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