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Dreamy Engagement Rings in Original Free Forms that Stand Out

Imagine a world where you’ve found the perfect partner, someone who understands your value and uniqueness, someone who isn’t a stranger to your likes and dislikes, who can make you smile, who can make you feel safe and seen.

This does not have to stay a dream, wearing a symbol of how wanted and special you are isn’t difficult with our free form engagement rings for original women with a nonconformist spirit.

You can make any outfit look quirky and exquisite by wearing a free form engagement ring; they come in all precious metals to compound your growing collection. Their distinct designs go beyond anything you can imagine.

Don’t miss a chance to have an engagement ring that fuses the forms of the rings most of your friends have combined into a singularly crafted treasure that stands-out anywhere.

Our engagement rings are special because you are special. 2020 trends and reports show that women are not only buying engagement rings but also proposing.

A side of this is that couples today enjoy sharing the experience of having input in what a ring for long-time wear should look like.

Another side is that strong women know what they like and want, and we’ve designed our free form selection specifically with their preferences in mind. We also know time and complications are not things you can afford, this is why we are here for you.

  • · Our selection is simple to access and with just a few clicks, you can book an appointment to try on the perfect engagement ring.
  • · We offer advice from expert professionals.
  • · The most precious things come in a small box. You will get a gift wrap with your purchase.
  • · We got your back. Our products have a one-year warranty.
  • · If you like a free form from our selection but would still add a little something to it, we custom designs for you.

Choose your engagement rings with us

Whatever your budget, style, or taste, we have put together a free form selection to help you impress with the engagement ring of your dreams.

We not only have a matchless selection in free forms, our designers carefully explore the lines and stones to make them handpicked art pieces. Our packaging is sure to protect them well and safe if you ever need to store them.

Shopping for a ring with Galicia Jewelers is no small thing, if you come to Galicia, we will take care of you, not today and tomorrow, but forever.

We will build a relationship where we know your size, favorite stones, colors, and metals. You won’t have to struggle about where to go for known designers and exclusive services anymore.

Every time you want to celebrate a special moment or gift someone you love, we will be ready.

The ‘usual’ is simply not a part of our customer’s routine. So, give us an hour of your time and we will give you an outline for the engagement ring that best fits you or your partner’s style and personality. Come to Galicia to enjoy a lifetime of wearing jewelry planned for who you are.

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