What is more important: an engagement ring or wedding ring?

What is more important: an engagement ring or wedding ring?

Marriage is undoubtedly one of the most important and life-changing events in the journey of lovers, and because of that, several traditions are associated with it.

The exchange of wedding rings has existed for hundreds of years and to this day continues to be the most significant symbol of a strong union between two loving hearts.

No less significant, engagement rings are designed for marriage proposals and are just as meaningful as the wedding ritual. But what exactly is the difference between them?

What is an engagement ring?

Traditionally, an engagement ring is a piece of jewelry that a person presents to their beloved at the time he makes a marriage proposal. Most often, the long-awaited moment happens in a special setting and unexpectedly for the chosen one. If a positive answer is received to the main question, an official announcement follows. It is very common for proposals to happen in cozy and romantic set-ups only for the couple.

From the moment of receiving the ring and accepting the offer, the couple is considered to be engaged. The future bride wears an engagement ring as a symbol of devotion until the wedding ceremony. From a design point of view, engagement rings can be exquisite, but the most common type of jewelry has a central singular stone (diamond or any other), alone or framed by smaller crystals.

What is a wedding ring?

If engagement rings are presented before the wedding and intended exclusively for the future bride, the wedding ring is purchased for both future spouses and exchanged during the wedding ceremony to be worn after the festival.

Compared to engagement rings, wedding rings have concise designs that do not involve an outstanding gem. While the engagement ring is usually chosen by the person proposing, the future spouses most often acquire the wedding rings together, choosing a set of products similar in design to the engagement ring.

Wedding rings are also called wedding bands, they are the same. What is relevant is that the round and constant band of the wedding ring does not have a beginning and an end so that it strongly symbolizes the infinity of love, marital fidelity, and strong marriage ties.

How to wear your engagement and wedding rings

It often happens that after the wedding, the newly-married spouse cannot decide which ring to wear—engagement or wedding. After all, the first, as a rule, has a brighter and more noticeable external performance, and the second, to a greater extent, symbolizes the new status.

Modern wedding fashion allows you to wear both types of rings at the same time. It is only important that the products worn together sit comfortably on the finger and are combined—they should be of the same metals and similar shapes since harder metal or protruding edges of one ring can spoil the surface of the other.

Jewelers and designers create sets consisting of engagement and wedding rings, called bridal, they are combined in design, materials and always complement each other. This is a convenient solution, but it is relevant only if the proposer is sure in advance of a positive answer.

It is common to hear, "engagement ring" and "wedding ring" interchangeably, but they mean different things with different roles and purposes.

It is always a matter of the beloveds’ preference whether they want to use their engagement ring as a wedding ring, or if they prefer to combine two rings after their wedding.

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