How to wear Jewelry?

How to wear Jewelry?

Here at Galicia Jewelers, I think it’s pretty clear how obsessed we are with jewelry. With different styles, metals, colors and sizes, choosing the right jewelry is a majority of the fun when creating the perfect outfit! But as amusing and gorgeous as jewelry is, even we have to agree, sometimes it gets a little confusing when you’re trying to pair it for a stunning one of a kind look.

Whether you’re wanting to accessorize that one dress you love or staring at your jewelry box and wondering how much is too much, we’re here to help you channel your inner fashionista that’s just waiting to come out.

Picking Jewelry For a Dress

Now, it may sound difficult, but matching jewelry to an outfit really doesn’t have to be that hard. We all know that even a little bit of jewelry can go a long way and that most outfits look incomplete without some sort of accessories.

By that regard, jewelry is meant to either highlight the dress or be the statement piece it might need. While an LBD (Little Black Dress) or another simple dress can be matched with both subdued or larger statement pieces, a busy pattern calls for a more delicate jewelry pairing so as to not look too loud.

Dressing jewelry for the occasion is also an important factor to consider. Whether you’re going to a wedding or a night out with friends, jewelry can alway be done as little or as much as you want, but hopefully you’re not wearing the same set to both.

Multiple Pieces of Jewelry

Adding multiple pieces of jewelry is a great way to show off your style and complete a look. You can definitely go a little more extra than usual and have fun with your jewelry- but to a moderation. If you’re going big with necklaces, pull it back a little with bracelets and earrings to let one article of jewelry take reign at a time.

Going big with both can lead to a chunky look that doesn’t allow the viewer to actually notice the wonderful necklaces you’ve curated for this look. This rule equally applies to amount as it does with statement- a large multi component necklace will get lost if paired with thick hoop earrings.

How to Layer

Nowadays, playing around with your jewelry is the latest craze as stylists love mixing and matching different metals, lengths and styles. There’s almost an anything goes when layering necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings- so don’t be afraid to stack, regardless of your age. While mixing different color metals even works beautifully, try to avoid mixing that sapphire pendant with your jade choker- too much pop of color also detracts.

If you have multiple piercings in your ears, mixing studs with drops and dangles is a new trend that allows you to express your individuality while still looking elegant.

Regarding layering necklaces, choosing different lengths is a lovely way to broadcast your collection without them overlapping. Start with your long necklaces and move upwards, spacing them each about two inches apart for a “long, medium, short” look. But always wear something tight to your neck, as that’s what’s most visible. Vertically lining your necklaces also creates a slimming effect as it guides the eye up and down.


Most importantly, jewelry is about having fun- so if you’re not enjoying it, you’re doing something wrong. Whether your look is bohemian jewelry heavy or minimalist chic, wearing your style with confidence is the most important factor.

If you look like you love and trust what you’re wearing, people will notice and think that you’re starting or following a new trend that they haven’t heard of- whether its technically matching or not. So visit our lovely Scottsdale, AZ showroom and have some fun with us.

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