How do you stack Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands?

How do you stack Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands?

Brides always have infinite questions, "Should I stack a wedding band with an engagement ring?" We answer loudly: “Yes!”

Why part with such beauty because of a trip to the registry office? Also, it is now fashionable to wear several rings at once, so that you can simultaneously look trendy and without words tell others how much you are loved and appreciated!

When the question arises about the possibility of combining engagement rings and wedding bands, remember to maintain the same style. Go vintage, or go geometrical, modern or art deco, but don’t fuse them too much.


The evil spell has been dispelled: now, gold of different colors can be worn side by side! The off-limits are now at your disposal!

Beyond pairing metals, the trend of stacking rings has been conquering hearts. The combinations will only depend on the design of the rings, your habits, and your style. Learn more.


When you accept a proposal, the gorgeous shank with a stunning diamond or gem occupies the ring finger of your left hand, where it remains for as long as you stay in the romantic status of the bride.

Well, on the day of your wedding, it must be replaced by a new band. You should come to the ceremony with a free finger, but the very next day you will be able to join in the pioneer!

If you are planning to string an engagement and wedding ring on one finger, the groom can purchase a ready-made set of rings that are designed to bring out the most exquisite details in the other.

This option is amazing, but it requires a lot of communication to learn what your partner may like months or years in advance of a wedding, before even knowing if she will say yes to an engagement.

Besides, many couples love the process of picking wedding bands together, since the man will need one at this stage too.

These lead to the most common stacking trend: matching the models yourself.


1. Stacking a large engagement model with a large stone against a slightly curved wedding band of the same metal with brilliants of similar sizes on both rims.

2. Selecting a narrow wedding band to stack against a solitaire engagement ring and adding thin stackable rings to different fingers in a mix of yellow and rose gold: lush!

3. Floral motifs and multi-colored stones. For lovers of vintage and the Victorian era, pairing these patterns will make you look like a medieval princess of the modern-day.

4. A solid wedding band against a white gold criss-cross engagement ring, we say wow!

5. An engagement ring with shank encrusted in diamonds stacked against a crown-inspired wedding band all in white gold.

6. Combining two narrow gold rims of an engagement ring and wedding band on the ring finger, and then mirroring a combination of a similar structure on your right hand with wider shanks.


Which is on top, the wedding band over the engagement ring or vice versa? Wear it however you like it! There are no folk wisdom or stylists' requirements in this regard. Seek compositions that look organic.

Keep this in mind, the more elaborate one ring is, the simpler the other should be. But know that a chic diamond ring can reflect itself against a band of the same metal, or the same width or even by repeating a floral pattern or non-glossy metal.

Yes, the options are many. If you want a splendid combination of wedding band and engagement ring, stop by Galicia Jewelers in Scottsdale, Arizona. The store offers a huge selection of engagement rings and wedding bands.

Galicia’s fairies-consultants will help you choose a wedding band for your engagement ring and stackable extras! You are sure to find a perfect match!

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