Five common questions about Diamonds

Five common questions about Diamonds

Questions about diamonds

So, you’re considering buying a piece of diamond jewelry. Congrats! As a timeless piece of fashion, diamonds will always be in style, making them the perfect gemstone to add to your collection at any time.

And contrary to popular belief, diamonds aren’t just for engagement rings. We here at Galicia Jewelers believe that diamonds are great for any occasion and in any presentation, be they as a centerpiece of a necklace, along the cuff of a bracelet, or on a dazzling engagement ring. To help you make an informed decision, below we’ve answered five common questions about diamonds that we’ve experienced.

1. What are diamond inclusions?

Inclusions represent the natural imperfections that are present in almost all diamonds. Ranging from external imperfections like scratches or fractures to internal ones like cloudiness or graininess, most of these “flaws,” if you will, are invisible to the naked eye and can only be seen when pointed out or via an expert with a microscope.

This, of course, depends on the intensity of the imperfection, and thus the quality of the diamond. This is determined by the grading system set forth by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) where a diamond's rate of imperfection ranges from FL ( flawless) to VS (Very slightly included) to I (Included).


2. Is Size or Quality More Important?

Determining importance is subjective, and nobody can really answer that question for you, as it’s based on what you want. Some care about the aesthetic of a near “perfect” diamond while others crave the statement of a larger piece.

Both the carat (size) and clarity (quality) are major driving factors in pricing diamonds, so when finding a balance between the two it comes down to whether you want a larger diamond with more visible imperfections or a smaller diamond with invisible imperfections.

This, obviously, also depends on the desired spending price. With a larger diamond, there is more room for inclusions to be seen, which we don’t necessarily want. However, If your diamond's clarity is higher than SI1, which is generally understood as the grade when the naked eye can see inclusions, it might not make a difference if you choose a 1 or 2-carat diamond.


3. How Are Diamonds Formed?

Without getting too scientific, diamonds were formed three billion years ago in the Earth’s mantle through the combination of intense heat and pressure causing carbon to crystalize. Through volcanic eruption, diamond-bearing rocks are brought to the Earth’s surface where they are mined and excavated. Lab-grown diamonds are grown in lab conditions that use carbon to mimic the planet's heat and pressure combination thus also creating real diamonds.


4. What Shape Should I Choose?

When looking at engagement rings, there are many that believe that the size of your hands or the length of your fingers call for more suitable diamond shapes. We at Galicia Jewelers disregard that and want you to choose a shape that correlates best with your style. More common and subdued shapes like a round or princess cut work perfectly for a bride that is a bit more traditional and wants a more classic look.

A more unique shape like a pear or emerald cut might work perfectly for a more modern bride craving a statement piece or a bride wanting a luxurious vintage appeal.


5. How Do I Choose A Diamond Budget?

So how much should you really spend on an engagement ring? If 2 months' salary comes to your mind, you were convinced of that by a very successful marketing campaign decades ago. There is no set amount that one must contribute towards an engagement ring- but income is definitely a very big factor.

Take into consideration how much you make, if you have any savings, potential growth in income, and any other expenses that you might have. But, most importantly, the bride has to love it, making her desires another big factor. While your financial reality should definitely be enforced, there is no other feeling like seeing a beautiful smile on her face on that special day.

So there you have it! Hopefully, we’ve cleared up some questions you might have had about diamonds, but if not, we are more than happy to answer them in person! Come on down to our Scottsdale, AZ showroom today, and meet with our friendly and knowledgable staff. We can’t wait to see you!

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