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Trade or Sell your Unwanted Jewelry

Trade or Sell your Unwanted Jewelry

We all like to think that our purchases will remain in style forever, but let's face it-styles change. If you have older pieces of jewelry that you just don't wear anymore, bring them in for an evaluation. Whether the pieces are made by a famous designer, or broken and sitting in your jewelry box for years,we will give you honest opinions on whether a piece is re-designable, wearable, or better off being turned into cash. We will always offer 2 prices. A straight out purchase offer, or a significantly higher price to trade in for a piece of jewelry that we have in stock, or can custom make for you.

If you no longer are interested in wearing that heavy rope chain, or diamond encrusted pin, bring it on in for evaluation. You have nothing to lose.

You can also email pic's to Please understand that any estimates made without physically seeing the piece are non binding. We need to see the piece to make an accurate offer. Please include any paperwork and information that you may have, along with the pictures.

We are buyers of all types of jewelry. We can also bid on just about anything, including antiques, artwork, or any type of collectables.

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