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    Rosecut Diamond Mini Lock pendant with chain


    Sterling Silver (blackened) chain with 2.79 ctw rosecut diamond mini lock.

    May take up to 4 week for delivery. Please call showroom at (480) 421-9688 for availability, and expedited delivery options, if available.



Necklaces in Scottsdale AZ

A necklace makes a great gift for a special occasion. Men often give their bride-to-be a diamond and gold necklace before the wedding, and it is a customary gift for anniversaries. Pearl or diamond necklaces make great Mother's Day or birthday gifts as well. Also, a necklace is a memorable gift for a graduation, a job promotion or another milestone in life. 

Buying Necklaces

The key to finding the right piece of jewelry is considering the gift recipient's preferences and the occasion. Diamonds are traditional for weddings and anniversaries. A birthstone necklace is a great birthday or Mother's Day gift. Pearl and gemstone pieces are good for all occasions and milestones. 
Some women prefer a bolder look. Large dazzling pendants or chains with multiple gemstones are ideal when you prefer a piece with a yellow gold or a white gold chain. If she prefers an elegant but pronounced look, a Y-shaped necklace is an eye-catching choice. We also have unique designs such as diamond bezels and X-shaped or sliced fronts. The best way to pick a product that she will love is to observe the types of necklaces she typically wears.

Visit Us in Scottsdale AZ

If you are looking for the perfect necklace for a special woman on a special occasion, our friendly associates at Galicia Fine Jewelers will be happy to help you find the right keepsake. We offer a wide array of fine and fashion jewelry that you will not find anywhere else. Our store is located at 15147 North Scottsdale Road, H-145. We take pride in selling pieces that embody confidence, elegance and beauty. Come see why we are a trusted local name for quality products and service.

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