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What is Diamond Symmetry

Posted on Oct 15, 2015 by Lisa Garber

There are several diamond cuts that are regularly used by jewelers. Cutting a diamond is an intersection of art and science where precision is crucial. Varying shaped of diamonds will have different facets, which contribute to the brilliance of a diamond.

Diamond symmetry is the technical term for the alignment and arrangement of facets. Symmetry is a key component in determining the cut quality of a diamond.

When a stone’s facets are properly cut, it will interact with light in a way that achieves optimal shine, twinkle and luster. It’s that interaction with light that has drawn the eye and captivated humankind for hundreds of years.

That’s why symmetry is so important when it comes to the quality of a diamond. It takes a skilled hand to artfully shape the facets of a diamond to create a dazzling shimmer.

To achieve this with regularity, there are certain cuts that diamond cutters will turn to more frequently. These include brilliant cut, round, oval and princess cut. Before a particular stone goes to market, it should be inspected and assigned one of the following qualities.

Excellent: a stone will get this designation when there are no visible diamond symmetry defects when viewed under 10x magnification.

Very Good: Defects are present, but extremely difficult to see when magnified at 10x.

Good: Defects are not easily visible at 10x magnification.

Fair: Defects can be seen at 10x magnification and might be noticeable by the naked eye.

Poor: Defects can be seen with the naked eye.

As you’ve probably already assumed, the diamond symmetry plays an important role in the value of a stone. A diamond symmetry with an “excellent” rating and quality polish could easily increase the value of a diamond by 15 percent compared to one with a “good” rating.

However, when shopping for a diamond, don’t pass on a stone that you connect with based on the score alone. The important thing is how a diamond connects with you and how it makes you feel. At Galicia Fine Jewelers, we have a great selection of custom diamond jewelry.

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