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What is a Princess Cut Diamond?

Posted on Dec 05, 2015 by Lisa Garber

If you are shopping for a diamond, there’s no doubt you’ve come across the term princess cut, but what exactly does that mean?

Diamonds come in a variety of different cuts, some more well-known than others. The purpose of the cut is to create an attractive shape and optimize the effect the stone has when it interacts with light. So, what is a princess cut diamond?

This cut is actually the second most popular shape with round brilliant being the most popular option. Princess cut diamonds are known for their square or rectangular shape when viewed from the top. From the side, it looks somewhat like an inverted pyramid.

The princess cut is a relatively new type of cut. It was not created until the 1960s but has only recently received a surge in popularity.

What Does a Princess Cut Diamond Cost?

The princess cut diamond is typically a little less expensive than a round brilliant of the same carat weight. Diamond cutters lie this shape because it allows them to retain more crystal weight. As a comparison, a princess usually retains around 80% of the rough diamond while the round brilliant only retains about 50%.

How much you will pay for a stone will depend on several factors, including the quality of the cut, carat weight, color and clarity. All of these grading factors are carefully calculated according to GIA standards.

Are you still asking yourself, what is a princess cut diamond? It might be time to go see one for yourself. Stop by Galicia fine jewelers in Scottsdale. We’ll show you several different cuts to compare. We believe you’ll find a great option that suits your style.

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