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What is a GIA certificate?

Posted on Aug 18, 2015 by Lisa Garber

A GIA certificate is a crucial component of the diamond-buying process. Reputable jewelers that buy and sell diamonds and other precious stones need to verify that all the stones they sell are evaluated to the proper standards. That’s why at Galicia, we only purchase fine diamonds and precious stones that come with a GIA Certificate.

How are diamonds certified?

Before a jeweler purchases diamonds for sale at the retail level, they must undergo a strict evaluation to earn a GIA certificate. A qualified and skilled appraiser will carefully inspect all the elements of a stone, giving it an objective grade based on a number of specifications. The findings will be detailed on the certificate.

While the GIA certificate will accurately report the qualities and characteristics of the stone, it will not assign a monetary value.

What is involved in the inspection?

The first step involved in determining whether a stone will earn a GIA certificate is cleaning it. Once the stone is properly and carefully cleaned, the inspector will take a very close look at the diamond or other stone.

Using a magnifying glass and specialized darkfield lighting, the inspector will be able to see the subtle characteristics of the diamond. The inspector looks for any type of flaws or imperfections. The flaws and imperfections will be detailed on the GIA certificate.

What will you find on your GIA certificate?

A number of important facts about your stone will be listed on the certificate you receive. This includes:

  • Brilliance grade
  • Measurements and symmetry
  • Blemishes and flaws
  • Girdle Thickness

You will also notice a date and report number, which is important information in determining who inspected the stone and when the inspection took place. If you have the stone appraised at a later date, you can make sure all the information is consistent.

Do all jewelers provide a GIA certificate?

No all retailers offer a GIA certificate with their diamonds and gems. If your diamond is not already certified at the time of purchase, you can ask the store if they offer certification with your purchase. Sometimes, it may come with an extra fee, but the cost is always worth the information you will receive about your investment.

Having the certificate will also help ensure you get a fair price if you ever wish to sell the ring at a future date.

At Galicia, we offer GIA certificates with any of our diamonds. We know how important it is to offer you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your investment is well documented and carefully inspected.

If you want to make sure the stones you purchase are of the highest quality, it is vital to obtain a certificate. It is recognized throughout the industry. There’s really no better way to ensure you are getting a stone of impeccable quality.

If you’d like to learn more about the stones we have available, or check out our stunning collection of custom jewelry, contact Galicia today at 480-421-9688.

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