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Elements That Makes Unique Wedding Rings for Women

Posted on Jul 21, 2015 by Lisa Garber

There are a lot of preparations that need to be done when getting married. One of the most important things to do is getting the perfect rings for the soon-to-be husband and wife. When it comes to the wedding ring, women can be quite vain since it is exposed on their left finger for everyone to see and can also be made a comparison to others also wearing a ring.

While choosing unique wedding rings for women, some factors to consider are the style, price, metal type, and the gemstone that is used. Some wedding rings look similar to one another, so it is only natural to want to have a one of a kind ring. A couple can be creative and create their wedding ring’s design. The rings symbolize the couple’s eternal love, but other designs can give more imagery to the relationship.

Wedding rings come in gold, silver, and platinum; gold comes in various shades as well: greenish gold, pinkish gold, and rosy gold, though yellow gold is still the classic one. Some unique wedding rings for women have two types of metal fused in the ring.

If you have already decided what type of metal the ring will have, the next step is to decide whether the ring will have stones or not. If you want to have precious stones in the ring, which stones would you like to make use of? This can be a tough choice and will require some research. Would you like the rings to have diamonds, sapphire, or cubic zirconia?

There are brides who love simplicity and they go for the classic band which has actually been popular for many years. There are those who don’t have any stones on them, but their names and the date of the wedding are engraved on it. To make a classic band different, a couple can choose to engrave something that symbolizes their relationship instead of their names. It can be a quote, the date of their marriage, or something else that has meaning to the relationship.

Aside from classic rings, there are also vintage and modern designs. Many young couples prefer unique ideas for wedding ring designs, which include video gaming and pop culture as a theme. There are even some rings that look incomplete when separately worn, but look full when kept together.

One style of wedding rings is called the three stone rings. These rings have three stones fitted in a line on the band as the name suggests. Creators of unique wedding rings for women will make the rings with stones of different sizes and types, using different metals in the ring to add to its distinctiveness.

When selecting unique wedding rings for women, make sure the size of the ring is a perfect fit. The shape of the finger should also be noted. A ring that would suit short and thick fingers is thin rings and if the fingers are thin and long, thick rings can be worn. To be on the safe side, measure the finger and avoid any last-minute rush to avoid a ring that could either be too small or too big.

Choosing the best and unique wedding rings for women will require a bigger budget than usual. Certain designs that are fully customized can cost about $5,000 depending on the metal and stones used. Getting a beautifully designed and one of a kind ring on a smaller budget may not be difficult, but it can take some effort to get what you are looking for without any compromise.

Take your time in deciding what type of ring to get for the wedding, especially for the bride. Share ideas about what type of rings you should be getting. The rings should reflect who you are as a couple, the vows you’ll be taking, and the eternal love you have for one another.

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