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Selling a Diamond Ring Securely

Posted on Jun 23, 2015 by Lisa Garber

The first thing people think of when they hear the word “diamond” is “expensive”. Sure enough, in the world of jewelry, these precious gems are considered as the priciest. If you have a diamond ring or necklace in your possession, it can definitely be thought of as a treasure.

There can be many possible reasons why there are people Selling A Diamond Ring. It could be because of a cancelled marriage, a broken engagement, a divorce, or because they just simply need the money. When people sell their jewelry, most of them are not mindful on how much the precious piece of jewelry actually costs; they will accept whatever amount the pawnshop or jewelry store will offer them as long as they get the money. They won’t mind about the opportunity that has been lost. This is especially so with the heartbroken ones whose engagement or marriage was cancelled.

If you are selling a diamond ring, there are a number of ways to get a good price for it, and even profit from it. First thing you should do is get the ring appraised. Hire someone to appraise it and make sure he is a genuine appraiser – do not let pawnshops or jewelry shops appraise it for you. When you are able to determine the value of your ring, find a shop that offers you a price close to its value or find a different means of selling it.

Pawnshops or jewelry stores do not need your diamond ring since they can get all the diamonds they want at the wholesale market. They will only buy your diamond is if the price is a fraction of the wholesale price. Some pawnshops can offer you a little more if you trade up to jewelry in their display case. The bad thing about doing this is that you end up paying more for the new piece of jewelry and receiving less for your diamond ring than if you sold it elsewhere.

You can go to online auction sites like eBay to get information on the average selling price of diamond jewelry like the one you have. That way, you can also decide whether you want to sell your diamond ring online. Be wary when selling your ring to private individuals. There are some people who have been scammed by diamond buyers, so you need to make sure your buyer is a reputable one. Make sure they have a trading license with the Bureau of Consumer Affairs and have been around several years on the market. Increasing the chance of a transparent and honest deal is if the buyer is a member of Jewelers’ Vigilance Committee.

If you are after the best price you can get for your diamond ring, one important thing for you to have is a diamond certificate. The document from Gemological Institute of America (GIA) tremendously affects the value when you are selling a diamond ring. As a matter of fact, only a few reliable jewelers are willing to pay a good price for a piece of diamond jewelry without a document. Sending the diamond ring for certification to the GIA is safe and not too expensive.

There are several online brokers that specialize in buying estate jewelry and diamonds from consumers. The thing is, they will have you ship the diamond ring to them so they can determine the amount they will pay you. More often than not, the amount is a lot less than the preliminary estimate and the seller either ends up paying for the return shipping or just accepts their price. This is only a valid option if the seller’s main priority is getting the money fast. If the priority is getting top dollar for selling a diamond ring, there are better selling methods.

Selling it before you are ready can bring long-lasting regrets. Some sellers choose to wait a year or two when the value has gone up before selling the jewelry. The options available on selling a diamond ring are quite a lot. You just need to determine the best way to maximize your safety and money while minimizing your time and effort.

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