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Should You Sell a Diamond Online?

Posted on Oct 25, 2015 by Lisa Garber

Are you considering selling a diamond online? Attempting to sell a diamond this way does come with a certain amount of risk and it’s highly unlikely you’ll get a fair price.

One of the issues with selling a diamond online is finding a reputable buyer. Selling your diamonds online will require you to package up and ship that diamond to the buyer. You better have a lot of faith that the person on the other end of the deal won’t make off with your stone.

What are some alternatives to selling a diamond online?

If you live in the Scottsdale area, feel free to visit Galicia Fine Jewelers. We do purchase diamonds and also can arrange a trade. You may find that you get the most out of the diamond you’re looking to sell when you decide to trade it for a new one.

Choosing a reputable buyer and selling your stone in person is a great way to ensure you are going to get the fairest price possible. There are a few key reasons to choose a buyer like Galicia.

Experience: We’ve been in the business a long time and keep a close eye on diamond industry trends. That means we can offer a fair, accurate price based on an established set of criteria.

Trade-in Options: We can make sure you get the most out of your diamond by trading it for a new piece, whether it is something from our gallery or a custom piece.

Repurpose: Instead of selling your diamond online, why not let us repurpose your diamond and incorporate it into a stunning new piece.

If you still decide to sell your diamond online, be sure to take the proper steps to protect yourself. Find out if the diamond you are selling will be insured during transit. That way, you’ll be covered if the stone is lost or stolen en route to the buyer. This also protects you from unscrupulous buyers who may try to claim they never received the diamond.

If you are going to sell a diamond online, be sure to do plenty of research on potential buyers. Read lots of reviews and learn as much as you can about the buyer, such as how long they have been in business and whether they are known for offering a fair price.

No matter how you choose to sell your diamond, you have to come to terms with the fact that you are likely to receive less than you paid. On average, people who sell their diamonds take a loss of 15 to 20-percent.


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