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How to Travel with Your Most Prized Jewelry

Posted on Jan 19, 2016 by Lisa Garber

So you’re heading abroad or across state lines for a little time away from the grind. Why not? We all need a little time to let loose and experience the world. Of course, you want to look good while you’re away from home, which means bringing along some of your favorite pieces of fine jewelry.

So many people become so apprehensive about traveling with jewelry that they’ll simply leave it behind out of fear it will be lost or stolen. It doesn’t have to be this way. With a little preparation and common sense, you can take your most prized pieces across the world with you.

We’ve come up with a few pointers to help make sure you set off with confidence and style for your next vacation.

Don’t Go Overboard

You want to be sure to pack light. That means picking out a few f your favorite custom jewelry pieces, something that will go with the outfits you packed. Think about your most versatile pieces and plan your wardrobe around your jewelry, not the other way around. This will help ensure you don’t over pack.

Keep it Close

Don’t even think about placing your jewelry in checked luggage. The best way to keep your precious jewels safe is to keep them close. Imagine keeping your jewelry in the checked luggage, only to find out upon arrival that the airline lost your bag. Don’t let that nightmare happen to you!

Don’t Skimp on the Travel Bag

Don’t bring more jewelry than you can fit in your travel bag, and don’t put your jewelry in a cheap travel bag. Changing climates can have an impact on your fine jewelry. Certain gemstones are sensitive to heat and humidity. If you are traveling to one of those climates, best to either leave the jewelry at home, or make sure it is kept in a high quality travel case. 

Insure Your Most Valuable Pieces

If you want to have the ultimate peace of mind when traveling with your jewelry, you should consider an insurance policy. Your homeowners insurance will likely cover you in the even your jewelry is taken from your home, but what about when you are traveling?

Talk to your insurance agent about scheduled jewelry insurance. For a couple hundred dollars a year, you will be able to insure around $20,000 in jewelry. This will most likely require appraisal, but the hoops you jump through are worth it when it comes to knowing your valuables are protected. 

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