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How to Buy a Diamond as a Gift

Posted on Dec 11, 2015 by Lisa Garber

If you’re considering buying someone a diamond as a gift you undoubtedly have put a lot of thought into this. After all, nothing expresses commitment or how much you value a relationship like a diamond does.

Here at Galicia Fine Jewelers, we understand it can be a little intimidating. You want to make sure you get a beautiful piece that will stand the test of time and look vibrant and stunning for years to come. We also know that all the information out there about diamond grading and process can become overwhelming.

That’s why we decided to write an article that highlights the truly important aspects. We’ll show you how to buy a diamond that will connect with the important people in your life. Don’t get so bogged down in the numbers and ratings that you ignore what your heart is telling you.

What Type of Jewelry Will Have an Impact?

An engagement ring is naturally the first thing that comes to mind when we think about diamonds.  But what if you are already married, or buying for someone you are not romantically involved with. A nice set of earrings, bracelet or necklace might be just the right choice.

What Style Will Suit the Person You Are Buying For?

Once you have some basic ideas down about the type of jewelry you want to purchase as a gift (necklace, tennis bracelet, earrings), it’s time to start thinking about the style. It’s hard to predict someone’s taste, so it might take a little bit of recon.

Spend some time with the person you are buying for and pay close attention to the type of jewelry they are wearing. Ideally, you want to pick out a piece of jewelry that will complement their style, but kick it up to the next level. That’s how you really get the WOW factor going. Here are a few things to take into consideration:

  • What type of jewelry does the person regularly wear
  • What would look best with their fashion style? Is it edgy, or more subdued and classy?
  • Does the person have any friends or family members who can help you out with advice while keeping your plan secret?

Consult With a Professional

Now that you have a good idea of the type and style of jewelry you want to buy as a gift, it’s time to talk with a fine jeweler who can help you bring that vision to life. The experts at Galicia Fine Jewelers can help you create a piece your loved one will never forget.

Make that special occasion truly special for someone by choosing a stunning, one-of-a-kind piece from Galicia. You’ll change someone’s life. 

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