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Process of a GIA Certification

Posted on Aug 04, 2015 by Lisa Garber

If you are still starting to learn about gems and stones – particularly diamonds – you may ask yourself what a GIA certification is. GIA stands for Gemmological Institute of America and it is a reliable and reputable laboratory that conducts gem evaluation. GIA has set standards for documenting diamond quality all over the world and issues reports for most of the high quality diamonds more than one carat size. It also developed the Diamond Grading System which it also uses.

When a diamond is GIA certified, it means that it has been through a thorough and complete inspection to verify its quality and value. There is a rigorous and specific process that is prudently followed when the diamond clarity is being rated.

The first thing that happens in GIA certification, the diamond is cleaned and a set of tweezers is used to pick up the stone so the inspector can take a closer look. To get the best view, he holds it by the girdle and checks all the aspects of the stone.

The diamond is then placed under a magnifying glass and illuminated using special lighting called the darkfield lighting. It helps show the diamond’s characteristics that cannot be seen under regular light by the naked eye. For the characteristics to be clearly seen, the magnification should be ten times the normal size. This gives the inspector the ability to inspect the diamond more closely.

When an inspector rates the clarity of the diamond, he is looking for imperfections and flaws in the stone. The fewer flaws the gem has, the higher the value is. The value of the diamond will accordingly decrease if there are several imperfections.

After the diamond has been examined and inspected thoroughly, it will then be given a GIA certification. It is quite easy to get a diamond that is GIA-certified. When you purchase a diamond ring from a jewelry store, it may already have a GIA certificate. If not, you can ask the store if they offer GIA certification.

A GIA certificate may make you pay more, but it gives you peace of mind knowing that the diamond jewelry you just purchased is valued at what the store is selling it for. If you are looking to sell diamonds or diamond jewelry, you might want to get them GIA certified. You can actually get more money for them if you sell them with a certificate.

The GIA certificate contains the following information:

  • A unique GIA report number which is inscribed by a micro laser. This is done upon your request.
  • The date when the assessment was made and the GIA report number.
  • The diamond’s weight expressed in carats – which is different for karats used in gold.
  • Shape, symmetry, and cutting style. Shape shows the outline of the diamond, symmetry is the diamond’s outline as well as shape exactness, and cutting style specifies the pattern of facet arrangement.
  • Dimensions of measurement and cut grading.
  • Characteristics and clarity grade assess the external and internal part of the diamond. It examines blemishes that are present and visible.
  • Color grades containing the scale D to Z. Grades D to F means that the diamond is colorless, G to I means the stone is near colorless, J to L is in the color of faint brown or faint yellow, and L to Z means the gem is light yellow.
  • GIA color and clarity scales, the proportion diagram, and other identifying features not included in the aforementioned information.
  • The overall condition and smoothness of the diamond’s surface showing its polish information.
  • For security purposes, a GIA certificate has a hologram, microprint lines, and security screen to ensure integrity.

Even an inexperienced buyer of jewelry can be assured he is purchasing a piece of jewelry worth his money once he is shown a GIA certificate. The stamp of genuineness indicates a fair price especially when reselling the jewelry or stone.

Now that you are familiar with what a GIA certification is and what a diamond goes through to get certified, you can be rest assured that once you have purchased a diamond with this document, what you are paying for is worth it.

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