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How Does Diamond Cut Grade Impact Price?

Posted on Nov 02, 2015 by Lisa Garber

The cut grade of a diamond plays a very important role in determining the value. Many people tend to confuse the cut grade with the type of cut. These two things are actually quite different. For instance, princess and oval are types of diamond cuts, but do not impact the cut grade.

A diamond cut grade is given based on the precision of the cut as well as how that cut contributes to the most desirable attributes, including the brilliance, shimmer and fire of a diamond. Every diamond is assigned a diamond cut grade based on a number of criteria.

How Important is the Cut Grade?

The cut grade is one of the most important factors when it comes to determining the value and desirability of a particular stone. When experts determine the cut grade, they look at several aspects.

The facet shapes and angles must have the correct dimensions to receive a higher cut grade. A skilled diamond appraiser will also look at the width of the girdle, which is the intersection of the crown and pavilion. The girdle creates a diamond’s perimeter and plays an important role in helping appraisers determine how durable a diamond will be.

The GIA has come up with a standard grading scale based on how the cut interacts with light and creates the optimal visual effects such as:

Brightness: this is how internal and external light are reflected from a diamond.

Fire: The transformation of white light into a spectrum that captures all colors of the rainbow.

Scintillation: This refers to the amount of sparkle a particular diamond produces.

When all the factors are taken into consideration, a diamond will receive one of five potential diamond cut grades.

  1. Excellent

  2. Very Good

  3. Good

  4. Fair

  5. Poor

If you are shopping for a diamond, don’t forget to inquire about the cut grade of the stone you are considering. At Galicia, we sell diamonds with cut grades that will accomplish exactly what you are looking for in a stone. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide our customers with top quality diamonds that will capture the heart and the eye for years to come.

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