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Beyond Diamonds: Why Emeralds Are a Great Investment

Posted on Jan 05, 2016 by Lisa Garber

We are a diamond-obsessed culture, and for good reason. It’s a symbol of commitment or personal identity, or even of self-confidence and power.

Yet every once in a while, we have to set our sights on other gemstones that have a magnificent and captivating quality all of their own. At Galicia Fine Jewelers, we enjoy working with emeralds because of the vibrancy and versatility of this beautiful gem stone.

In this article, we’ll highlight a few things you should keep in mind when making emerald jewelry part of your collection.

Emeralds Are a Great Investment

Just like diamonds, emeralds are a great investment if you care for your emerald jewelry properly. Unlike diamonds, you may not want to wear your emerald every day, which doesn’t make this the best option for engagement or wedding rings. That’s because while emeralds are a hard stone, they are not as hard as a diamond.

This makes emeralds a little more prone to wear and tear, chips or other damage. Don’t let this concern you too much. Your emerald jewelry will last for years to come if you take proper care of it.

Important Facts About Emeralds

Because emeralds are not as heavy as diamonds, a one-carat emerald will be noticeably larger than a one-carat diamond. While emeralds have many qualities that make them a highly desired gem stone, its main point of interest is color.

The variations in color play an important role in determining the value of a particular stone. The most sought after emeralds range from bluish green to pure green with a tone that is not too dark. The more transparent the emerald is, the more it is likely to be worth.

Like diamonds, clarity also has a part in determining how much a stone will be worth. Unlike diamonds, inclusions within emeralds can often be spotted with the naked eye, giving it a look that is often described as “mossy.”

Choosing a Piece of Emerald Jewelry

When it’s time for you to choose a piece of fine emerald jewelry, you’ll want to take into account the color and clarity, as well as the cut. The most common cut is simply called the emerald cut. This is found more often because emeralds are much more difficult to cut than diamonds and fracture easily. This cut is considered stronger, safer and can protect the stone from damage during daily wear.

If you are interested in emerald fine jewelry or other gemstones, get in touch with Galicia Fine Jewelers to find a peace that suits you. 

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